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What Are the Big Questions Surrounding Business Climate Risk Assessment and Decision-Making?

Where is Business Climate Risk Conversation Headed?

Business and climate change conversations have gone through several stages over the last 35 years, and will continue to evolve.

What Are the Sources of Business Climate Risk?

Sources of business climate risk range from brand and liability risks to transition and systemic risks, and are constantly evolving. 

 Why Are Climate Risks  Usually Under-Estimated?

Psychological and others factors encourage climate risk under-estimation, and business decision-makers need to be fight back.

How Are Companies Responding to Their Risks?

The corporate toolbox for climate risk management is a large one, and picking the right tool isn't always easy.

Are Companies Reducing Or Amplifying Their Risks?

If using the wrong tools, decision-makers can create MORE climate risk for future decision-makers and shareholders. 

How Can You Go Climate Positive?

The steps and initiatives companies can use to best position themselves for the deep uncertainties surrounding climate change.

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Along with the videos, we'll point you to hundreds of additional resources, including reports and news stories too new to show up in the videos, in the Climate Web. Six months of Business Premium Access to the Climate Web (a $300 value!) are included with your purchase of the course!  For a quick visit to the Climate Web, click on the image at right. 

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What  Students  Say About This Course

I finished the amazing course about Climate Risk by Mark Trexler! Such an insightful course to deepen the understanding of climate change-related societal and business risks and how to manage them!

Lucianno Noezzi Noel

Trexler's work, as supplemented by the Climate Web and its resources, offers the most balanced and comprehensive basis for business risk assessment and risk management available. 

Dr. George Backus
Risk Expert
Sandia National Labs

The best digital course on any topic that I have ever taken.

Anonymous Reviewer

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Meet the instructor

Mark Trexler

Dr. Mark C. Trexler has more than 30 years of climate change risk management experience advising corporate and government clients around the world. He teaches "Business and Climate Change" at George Washington University, and  is co-developer of the Climate Web, a collective climate risk intelligence.

Mark joined the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC to work on climate change in 1988, has served as a lead author and editor for the IPCC, founded the first US-based climate risk advisory firm in 1991, and most recently was Director of Climate Risk for the global risk management firm of DNV based in Oslo. 

Mark is widely published on climate change risk management topics, and co-authored (for the London School of Economics) the first business climate risk textbook in 2011.

Mark has lived around the world and speaks five languages. His advanced degrees are from the University of California at Berkeley, and he lives in Portland, Oregon.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the price of the course?

The price of the course includes access to more than 60 on-demand videos, an on-line version of the course with additional supporting content, unlimited future access to the videos and other course materials, and 6 months of free Premium Access to the Climate Web.

What if I want to dig deeper into a topic in the course?

You're right, videos can only scratch the surface of the complexity of many of the topics covered. That's why you will receive 6 months of free Premium Access to the Climate Web (normally $49.99/month for business users), a collective intelligence for understanding and tackling climate change. Premium Access allows you to dig as deeply as you want into virtually any of the topics covered in the course, as well as many others. 

How can the course remain current across so many topics?  

One reason the Climatographers started building the Climate Web soon after authoring the first business climate risk textbook for the London School of Economics was our realization that the topic would quickly outpace our ability to update a conventional textbook.  In terms of this course, we'll update the videos on a regular basis, but the Climate Web-version of the course that you also have access to will be updated with new materials far more frequently!
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