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Climate Risk School

These "Climate Stripes" Represent 100 Years of Average Global Temperature. The Rapid Trend from Blue Towards Red is Why Tackling Climate Change is Only Getting More Critical!

Climate Web Enabled!

The Climate Web is a climate change decision-support tool developed by the Climatographers. It represents more than 30,000 hours of knowledge curation, and is the closest thing today to a collective intelligence for understanding and tackling climate change. Climate Risk School courses help you leverage the Climate Web to full advantage.  

To explore the Climate Web, click on the image at left! 

Our Courses Are

Evidence Based

Our courses take advantage of the best available reports and thinking across hundreds of climate topics.

 Easily Digestible

Course videos and written materials organize content into easy to follow modules and lessons. 


Our interactive video technology offers a unique student learning experience. 

What Our Students Have to Say

"I learned more from the Climatographers' sea level rise course than I did attending a two-day conference on the topic. Highly recommend it!"

"It’s amazing how hard it is to find good resources and thinking on carbon offsets. None of my typical channels/NGOs surface things like the Climatographers' carbon offsets course."
max scher, salesforce
"Trexler's work, as supplemented by Climate Web resources, offers the most balanced and comprehensive basis for risk and risk management available."
"I finished the amazing course about Climate Risk by Mark Trexler! Such an insightful course to deepen the understanding of climate change-related societal and business risks and how to manage them!"
"The best digital course on any topic that I have ever taken! This course is organized in a way that is easily navigated, regardless of level of familiarity with the topic. The lessons are clear, concise and interesting to watch. Each lesson provides a roadmap for how to dive deeper on a particular topic, and all lessons connect back to the main theme of assessing climate risk."
"I’ve been aware of (and in some cases have actively worked on) climate change issues for 30 years, and your course truly opened my eyes to the power of knowledge management."
steve higgs, Sage
Many udemy students

Our Courses

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